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Elderado : Interface Screen Shots

Elderado's specialized user interface keeps computing simple for seniors and other basic computer users. Rather than describe what the interface has, it's best to begin with what the interface doesn't have. It doesn't have the proliferation of menus, settings, and options that make computers confusing for so many seniors.

The Elderado interface begins with a large, easy-to-read menu offering the applications seniors want most: e-mail, pictures, web sites, and games.

Once the user has identified what he or she wants to do, the interface guides them step by step through the entire process. For example, we found that when seniors check their new e-mail, they want to read each new message in order. This is very different from standard interfaces where users pick which e-mails they see by selecting from a list.

The user is guided through each new message step by step. If an e-mail contains a picture, the first step is to read the e-mail, and then to view the picture afterwards.

There is one option that's always available, and that's the print button. This is especially important for viewing pictures. Our surveys and focus groups show that seniors consider family photos to be the greatest benefit of using computers.

The Elderado interface includes features to prevent accidental access to offensive content, such as e-mail and web site "white lists". Often a friend, family member, or helpful activity directory can help seniors get started by serving as an account administrator.

Elderado : Computers for those of us who weren't born yesterday!